New look, same great taste!

Things are moving smoothly here at Hero’s Ruin. If you’ve visited us before, you’ll notice that we’ve redesigned the website to look a little more snazzy! We’ve also made things a little prettier on our social media pages including twitter, facebook and tumblr. Feel free to follow us, we’d appreciate it!

We’ve also got another preview of artwork for ‘The Saboteurs!’ from our awesome artist, Tim Durning. This particular image is of the General, a nearly indestructible unit who fears only the dreaded Saboteur, have a look!


Stay tuned for more updates!


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Artwork Preview

Saboteur Infantry

Here’s a preview of some of the artwork that will come along with ‘The Saboteurs!’ This particular image will represent the face side of the infantry piece, otherwise known as the ‘A’ piece to all you old-school Saboteurs out there!

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We’ve hired an artist!

┬ęTim Durning

We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with the talented illustrator Tim Durning! Tim is a fellow Philadelphian and has done work for a variety of magazines, games and comic books. He will be producing the bulk of the art for ‘The Saboteurs!’ His unique style is exactly what we’re looking for to bring the right feel to the game. You can see an example of his work above and you can check out his website at

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